Patio Landscaping Basics

The patio is a favourite place among gardening enthusiasts and homeowners. In fact, people tend to stay longer in their gardens or backyard when a patio is available. It provides a place for sitting, entertaining and relaxing. A patio can be covered to provide shelter from the weather, or it can be an open space to take advantage of the summer sunshine. For a beautiful patio landscaping project, here are some useful and practical tips that you can apply.

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Container gardens are great additions to a patio landscape. Flowers grown in pots can be arranged and rearranged every so often to create various landscape looks for the patio and the overall garden. Containers come in different materials, designs and sizes to accommodate any type of plant and theme.

Add privacy to the patio by planting trees and tall shrubs in the perimeter area. If you want, you can place a ladder or a trowel where vines can crawl to block the view from the street or the neighbours. The patio can be a place of sanctuary where you can spend hours on end reading books or spend the time with a special someone. With some privacy, you can enjoy this outdoor haven without strangers looking at you from a distance.

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A patio can be too dry and structured for you taste. If your place has this tendency, you can break up the dryness and tension with some water elements in the area. A small pond nearby or a table top bubbler can give your patio some sense of serenity or some beautiful views with the mirrored effect. The sound of moving water can give a soothing effect after a hard day at work.

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To create a barrier between the patio and the lawn, you can plant around the edges of the patio. This gives a natural border and a lovely one at that if you use flowers or some other colourful foliage. The border of shrubs, flowers or herbs can give a pleasing effect to the patio as it blends with the surrounding environment full of other plants.

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An overhead structure, such as a pergola, can add interest to any patio landscape. It also provides shade during the hot summer season as well as a decorative element to enjoy while staying in the patio. A similar effect as being under a ceiling can be achieved with a pergola, but other types of structure can also be added to effectively achieve the same effect.

A patio can be a large project, so if you feel you need some help, use a site such as TrustATrader to find professional landscape experts to give you a helping hand.

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