Online Slot Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

Are you a fan of online slots? According to the latest figures from the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC), annual revenues from remote slots now top £2 billion and are expected to rise further over the next five years. And because they’ve become so popular, we decided to introduce some online casino slots facts that will blow your mind. So are you ready to roll?

Online Slots Are Completely Random

You’d be amazed at how many people think that online slots are rigged. Well, we’ve got news for you: they aren’t. (Incidentally, by they, we mean those licensed by the UKGC – and you should only be playing these.) You see, online slots use random number generators (RNG) to ensure that no shady activity goes on. And they’re scrupulously checked by the authorities regularly. So rest assured – online  slots are completely random.

Online Slots Never Sleep

Because of the aforementioned RNG, online slots never sleep. Even when they’re not in use, they continue to operate. Why? Well, the RNG have to calculate codes 24-7 to make sure that the odds are the same, every time we take a slot for a spin.

Casino Slots Must Reveal Their Odds

Another interesting fact about online slots is they can’t pull the wool over your eyes when it comes to odds. Nowadays, all online slots in the UK, have to reveal their return to player percentage (RTP). Thus, the next time you wish to play a slot, research its RTP first. The higher the RTP, the less the house advantage, and the higher your chances of winning. And some slots, such as Goblin’s Cave by Playtech, possess RTPs of 99% plus. And here’s a valuable tip: shop around and find slots with good RTPs, to fix the odds more in your favour.

Online UK Slots Pay Out More Than Offline Slots

Did you know that some offline slots in Las Vegas come with RTPs as low as 75%? Thankfully, slots in cyberspace are far more generous than this. In fact, according to, the average payout percentage for online slots is around 97%, while the average for offline ones is only 85%. Therefore, if you want to play slots, play them in cyberworld.

Online Slot Freebies Are King

Online slots are not only more giving than their offline counterparts when it comes to payouts; they’re also streets ahead when it comes to freebies. As a matter of fact, many now offer you free spins, free games and even free cash. And even though traditional casinos also provide freebies to their customers like complimentary drinks, these gifts pale in comparison to the ones floating around in cyberspace. So once again, search around and bag yourself the best deals (be sure to read the terms and conditions on all offers, though).

Final Thoughts

Once you get your breath back, why don’t you take an online slot for a few spins?

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