Most Popular Online Slot Game Types

There are many different kinds of online slot game, but there are four most prominent types of game that are increasingly popular with players across the globe. The four main types are classic slots, video slots, mega spins and progressive slots. Of course, within each of these four main popular slot types, the slot games at Easy Slots themselves differ considerably both visually and functionally, but that’s what makes games unique and interesting! Find out more about these different slot types and you’ll soon go from novice to master and hopefully get some big wins under your belt as a result!  

Classic Slots 

Think back to the good old days, where there was no new-fangled online gaming and slot games were played on fruit machines, this is what classic slots are based upon. Classic slot games are an ode to the old fruit machines and if you’re after some nostalgic vibes you’ll love classic slots. They are visually similar and often have some of the classic symbols like lemons, cherries, BAR symbols and bells and generally have three reels and a small number of paylines and are generally quite simplistic when it comes to features and bonuses. 

Video Slots 

Soaring in popularity, video slots are commonplace in online casinos are the game themes, narratives and visuals can be very unique with a wide range of animations, features and sound effects. Video slots usually have five reels and can have anything up to a couple of hundred paylines, offering astonishing variety, especially in comparison to classic slots. Video slot games can be themed around famous films, bands and characters from pop-culture and these kinds of slot games appeal to a wide audience and have been extremely popular, especially if there are great graphics and background music to the video slot.  

Mega Spins 

Need to crank it up a notch? Mega spins slot games could be just right for you, where you’re able to play between three and nine games at the same time! Talk about multi-tasking, with mega spins you will have up to 45 reels spinning in tandem, giving you an excellent chance to win big! This type of slot game is geared towards the overarching aim of hitting a jackpot, so if this is of interest to you, give mega spins a whirl!  

Progressive Slots 

Like the sound of getting your hands on a hefty jackpot and send your bank account soaring? Progressive slots are another very popular type of online slot where a proportion of every player’s bet contributes to the big jackpot, with one lucky player bagging the jackpot.  

As well as these popular slot types, there are also Free Play slot games, which are essentially slot games that players get to test out to see if they enjoy the gameplay and the features before they are comfortable placing bets on the game to gamble. This is a great way that players can enjoy the game whilst also gambling responsibly. 

What’s the future of online slots? Virtual reality-based slot games are starting to become very popular in the gambling industry, so we could see more and more virtual reality casinos popping up in the future! 


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