Lucky Irish Slot Game

The Emerald Isle could well be the most used theme to ever grace the slot machine world, both online and land-based. Really though, is there any surprise there? With the amount of lucky charms associated with the country it would be pretty silly not to use it was a slot theme, especially as these things are largely predicated on luck. Lucky Irish takes this theme and expands it into a classic online slot. Not too simple nor too complex, it is a perfect title for some laidback reel spinning fun. Play Lucky Irish now!

About Lucky Irish and its Bonus Features

As you may expect Lucky Irish’s aesthetic is absolutely seeped in references to Ireland, in particular its luck-orientated folklore. There is a limited number of things that can be used to convey this, and as such the slot uses the traditional background of a rainbow, pot of gold, and, most importantly, a jolly looking leprechaun. The slot is developed by the critically acclaimed WGS, and this means that it also utilizes their vintage solid-state machine type display, something that sets this Irish themed slot apart from its contemporaries. The screen is made to look like you are sat at a real-life slot machine in a casino, it’s a nice touch that touches on online casino’s roots in a very welcome way.

Unlike many complex titles on the market these days WGS keep it simple with a 3 reel format that again reminds of classic fruit machines from the 60s. It all means that the game is incredibly intuitive and can be played to its full extent without much practise at all. Whilst it is still a lot of fun when placing smaller bets, what you will really want to do is go for 3 coin bets where possible. If you land a pot of gold combination whilst doing this you will be in with the chance of winning 2400x your initial bet, something that can be multiplied even further if you are lucky enough to encounter a wild. Good stuff eh?

About WGS and Other Slots by the Developer 

WGS were formerly known as Vegas Technology, and had a hand in various online casino sites until regulations in the US especially meant that they could no longer operate in the way that they used too. Nonetheless, this points to their unrivalled experience in the industry, and it is therefore no shock that the quality of their output is consistently excellent. Just look to some of their other titles for an example of this:

  •         Amanda Panda and the Jackpot Journey
  •         Triple Rainbow 7’s
  •         Wheel of Chance
  •         Vampire Vixen

You cannot argue with that list!

Lucky Irish: The Verdict 

Whilst it is true that the Irish theme has become perhaps over used in the online slots sphere, it doesn’t take away from the fact that Lucky Irish is a quality slot game. As a result of WGS’s vintage choice of aesthetic it is still different from the rest, and the simplistic nature of this slot means it can be a favourite amongst any type of gambler, from novice to expert.

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