How to Fix a Leaky Sink Trap

Sinks traps retain the dangerous sewer gases to enter a house. They hold a small amount of water inside a tube-shaped J. Over time, the plastic washer or rubber O-rings can become worn by a loose fitting. Once the seal is compromised, the tube connectors begin to leak. Using a pair of hand tools, you can replace the washers or O-ring in a few minutes and stop any leaky sink trap.

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Here Best Guide How to Fix a Leaky Sink Trap

  1. Place the plastic bucket beneath the sink drain trap. The trap will look like the letter “J”.
  2. Grab the big nut on one side of the trap. Try to turn the big nut clockwise. It’s the nut turns by hand, you may have just found the problem. Finish by tightening the nut with the pliers plumber. Check the other plastic nut on the other end of the trap the same way. Run water down the drain keeping the bucket in place. If the leak has stopped, you have just solved the problem. If he loses again, continue to the next step.
  3. Loosen the two large plastic hydraulic nuts on either side of the trap with plumber’s pliers. Turn the nuts counter clock wise. The water will flow from the trap while being pulled on the other drainage pipe.
  4. Observe the two connections to the siphon. One end will be threaded and the other is smooth. Smooth side will be a plastic washer is tapered to one end. Replace this washer with a new one. The other end of the trap is threaded, and a small rubber O-ring is placed at the top of the wires to create a seal. It is likely that this O-ring is missing.
  5. Install a new replacement O-ring on the end edge of sink drain siphon. Insert the trap back onto the drain pipe. Be careful not to lose the new O-ring.
  6. Start the large nuts with your hands, turning clockwise. Tighten them with pliers.
  7. Keep the bucket under the trap. Turn on the water. Re-tighten the nuts in case of small loss. This seat the O-ring in place.
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Tips and warnings

You can use an old toothbrush to clean any drain siphon.

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