From the Mechanical to the Video Slot

The original slot machine was a mechanical slot machine. It was operated by gears, levers and springs and housed large spinning reels and the more reels the larger the machines which in turn meant they couldn’t be placed in many traditional land based casinos as they simply took up too much space so consequently usually only had three reels. If you’re a new player, you may want to click to claim free slot spins here.

In addition to this, the game was activated by simply pulling a lever positioned on the side of the machine, which in turn released the reels from their locked position and made them spin.  The symbols shown on the reels were on a long strip, which was fixed to the rim of the reel with adhesive. Each notch next to each symbol is referred to as a stop and the more stops associated with the symbol, the more likely it will show on the pay line. However, the jackpot symbol usually only has one stop while, of course, the blanks have several. This explains why they show up way more than the ‘worthwhile’ symbols.

Old slot mechanisms

The coin handling mechanism is also a critical part of the machine. The slot leads to a slope and the coin rolls down the slope and activates the mechanism, however, any coin of the wrong size or metal will be rejected straight away.

The video slot, however, is more modern and up to date, as one would expect. They will offer more pay lines and more ways of winning, with sometimes the maximum number of pay lines, 1024, being offered and will give the player the opportunity for a more exciting innovative game. A video slot will have different symbols and they will range from low value such as playing card symbols to high value symbols such as the main character icon as well as the Wild symbol and the Scatter symbol, which add a new dimension to the game. A video slot will also award free spins and bonus games. The game could also be a progressive jackpot game meaning that the overall pay out could be very lucrative. A mechanical slot machine does not have the capacity to be able to offer all of this and therefore the mechanical slot game is deemed as very basic compared to a video slot.

Naturally the graphics and sound on a video slot is way more advanced than a mechanical slot where really the only graphics seen will be the symbols on the reels.  The mechanical slot doesn’t have the space, the screen or the capacity to be able to offer little quirky characters and nuances and will not have a theme to follow either. The mechanical slot can, in comparison, appear quite boring compared to a video slot.

There is no right or wrong machine. Each has its pros and its cons and it is simply down to personal preference.

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