15 Best House Lighting Ideas

For too long house lighting has been treated as an accessory, an afterthought to pretty up a room once all the real business of designing has been completed. But with the range and sophistication of home lighting fixtures now available, we should think of house lighting as a wonderful tool that can bring our rooms to life.

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Not only can a well-planned house lighting scheme make a room appear larger and more attractive but, more importantly, with the right home lighting fixtures it will facilitate the various activities to be carried out there as well. For example, a light dimmer hooked up to your ceiling lighting fixtures with a remote light switch could help engender mood, too – drama for a dinner party, a restful ambience in a bedroom – and, with a little thought, assist in highlighting your room’s best qualities.

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Planning A House Lighting Scheme

A problem that frequently arises is when, long before the furniture is in place, we need to decide on the positions for sockets, points and switches. This dilemma can be resolved by resorting to your room design plan on to which you have laid out your furniture. From this you will be able to see at a glance just where the light will be needed around the room and you can draw in the house lighting fixtures in the most appropriate positions. Nothing is more unpleasant to look at or as dangerous as an electric socket with multiple adaptors and cables trailing spaghetti-like across the floor, so it clearly pays to think ahead.

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Here are some points to bear in mind when deciding on your house lighting:

  • Which type of home lighting fixtures would be most appropriate for each activity? Is the storage associated with these activities well lit?
  • How many fixtures and what wattage will be required to achieve a good overall level of light? Will low voltage lights or energy saving light bulbs supply adequate light?
  • Is there a balance of light throughout the room, and have you made sure there are no dark areas?
  • What is the general color scheme to be? A pre-dominantly dark, Matt scheme may need more than double the total wattage of house lighting than a pastel scheme would
  • What is the ambience you want to achieve? Dramatic or reflective, workmanlike or seductive? Will traditional lighting achieve this, or are you likely to need more advanced and modern home lighting fixtures?
  • What of future room changes? Do you have enough free-standing home light fixtures that can be repositioned to accommodate new functions?

Only after considering these points is it advisable to select the actual house lighting fittings.

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